Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Lighting

Save Money with an Energy-Efficient Electrical System

Nuechterlein Electric brings to you a variety of electrical solutions to save energy and cut down on your electricity consumption. Contact us today.
Rely on us to set up the best energy-efficient electric system for your residential or commercial property. We will give you the details and specifications of your project and also keep you updated on the progress.

Energy-Efficient Lighting and High-Quality Services

  • Upgrade your existing lighting system with new technologies to cut energy costs
  • Help offset energy efficiency installation costs by applying for available rebates from your utility company
  • Correct power factor and get your business away from paying penalties on your electrical bill
  • Design and install quality power systems to efficiently power your building
  • Design a lighting control system tailored to your needs

Optimize Your Existing Electrical System

Whether you are considering a low-voltage lighting system, a heat pump or a new energy-efficient appliance, our experienced electricians can help you get the most out of your residential or commercial electrical system. We offer a 30-day labor warranty on residential properties.
Call 989-652-2431 or 
888-780-7833 to get a FREE estimate.
We provide and install VFD motor control.
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