Data / Voice / Fiber


Create Your Telecommunication Systems With Our Help

Without proper cabling, your system won't function as efficiently and effectively as you need it to. At Nuechterlein Electric, you get a professional support team that can handle infrastructure design, installation and maintenance.
If you are trying to create a stable, loss-preventive communications system, your solution is having a proper network cable product installed. Our team can help you with that, along with installing and maintaining it for you.

Take Advantage of the Latest Technology

  • Network infrastructure design and upgrades
  • Installation and certification of data wiring
  • Installation of network switches and upgrades for all data infrastructure requirements
  • Fiber optic testing and certification

Complete Data, Voice and Fiber Optic Wiring Services

We install a wide range of specialized data cabling, including Category 5, 5e and 6 networking cables. We also install RJ45, RJ63, coaxial cables, fiber optic, specialty copper and low voltage.

Rely on over 50 years of experience to provide you with reliable data, voice and fiber optic wiring services. From design to installation, we can do it all.
Call 989-652-2431 or 
888-780-7833 to get a FREE estimate.
We provide network infrastructure design and upgrade services.
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